Upcoming Shows

  • 18/03
    Montecarlo Living
    Ascona (CH)
  • 09/04
  • 16/04
    New Orleans Jazz Night
  • 29/04
    The Royal Swing Fest 2022
    Collegno (TO)
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About us

Cosimo and the Hot Coals is a 5-piece Milan-based band, that offers a repertoire that goes from the New Orleans tradition and the Hot Jazz to the 20s and 30s Swing. The band is lead by trumpeter and singer Cosimo Pignataro who’s accompanied by his four Hot Coals: Martin Di Pietro (piano), Stefano Della Grotta (guitar & banjo), Mirko Boles (doublebass) and Michele Capasso (drums); all the members of the band are under the age of 30. They perform in jazz clubs, festivals and swing dance events, inside and outside Italy. Lindy hop dancers and music lovers get off on their music, a music that seems to have the power to reach and warm every kind of people from the feet to the heart. They have also published an album, Louisiana Dreaming (26/10/2018), which contains eight traditional and standard songs from the New Orleans jazz tradition and two original tracks. The album has been recorded live on tape and completely acoustically at L’Amor Mio Non Muore recording studio in Forlì, and features the great saxophone and clarinet player Marco “Benny” Pretolani as a guest on two of the ten songs. Being true to the spirit and to the style of Jazz giants such as Louis Armstrong, Fats Waller, Kid Ory, King Oliver, Wingy Manone, etc., but also to the second line of the marching band, Cosimo and the Hot Coals want to recreate and honor with their performances the vigour and the charm of their heritage, strongly believing that it deserves to be carried out with fun.